Platform version

Platform Version

The underlying software that the apps and CMS are running on.

The platform version is the underlying code that the App and CMS are running on. It follows semantic versioning.

If your app is on Platform Version 0.16.1, the CMS will also be adapted for 0.16.1.

Given a Platform Version of 0.16.1, this is how those numbers are broken down:


Major version


Minor version


Patch version

Changes to Major and Minor versions of Appspotr will include updates to your app that require you to run an app Update and rebuild for App Store & Play Store. Your users will have to update their apps to see new content and features made for this new Platform Version.

Patch updates will happen regularly for the latest Platform Version and will automatically be applied to all apps running on the affected Platform Version. Rebuilding for App Store & Play Store are optional, the apps will keeps themselves on the latest Patch version automatically. The benefit of rebuilding is that the starting Platform Version of the user’s app will be more up to date and not need to auto-update itself.