Assets is a gallery of resources you can use in your app. In order for you to use any images, logos, or other files, they need to first be uploaded to Assets.

Files in the Assets gallery cannot be edited. If you want to change them, you need to download the image to your computer and upload the changed image.


The files in the Assets tool are organized into three categories:


Images are pictures in raster-graphics format, mainly inteneded for display purposes and illustrations.

Only images of the type .png or .jpg / .jpeg can be uploaded to the gallery.


Files are pdfs intended for viewing or downloading from the app.

Only files of the type .pdf can be uploaded to the gallery.


Icons are images in vector format, intended mainly for use as graphical elements, but can be used for display purposes.

Only logos of the type .svg can be uploaded to the gallery.

Upload media file

To upload a media file:

  • Click on Upload in the top right corner

The computer file browser opens (by default it only displays files that is possible to upload).

  • Browse to the desired image

  • Select the image

  • Click Open

The image is added to the gallery