Appspotr Documentation


This section contains the system documentation for Appspotr 3. It is organized according to the CMS interface, which means that you navigate it the same way as you do the CMS itself.

You should be able to find documentation for any view in the CMS in the corresponding place in the documentation structure.

Some concepts and terms are explained in the Glossary, but they are also included or linked in the documentation itself where used, so you have access to them when you need them.


Once you log in to the Appspotr CMS you will be landed to the organizations page.

There you can see a list of apps from the default organization and buttons to create a new app and to navigate to Appspotr Academy and Expert Help.


When it comes to the Organization, it selects the first organization on your organizations list. You can find your organization by searching for it.

All your apps under each organization will be displayed accordingly.

By clicking on the Moreā€¦ button you will be able to view all the details of each organization.



  1. Click on an App

  2. You will be directed to the Patchwork

Once you click on your app, you will be directed to its overview page. The app Overview can be regarded as a full summary of the whole app. Viewing the Overview tab, you can get an idea about the app and its setting.

The overview includes app details(App name, App logo, Organization), Platforms and build versions, App Analytics over platforms, Content Analytics, Overview of push notifications, Links to help and support, in-app app preview, Links to preview in another window, direct links to Settings and Content Manager and direct buttons to share and publish the app.


from there you can navigate to other tabs easily.

Edit app details

To update or edit app details, you can either click on 'App settings' button on the Overview page, or you can easily click on the settings tab to edit them.


Menus and Sub-menus

To access sub menus, you can easily click on the relavent menu(tab) and then navigate through the sub menus for your required sub-tab.


Access Control

You can find Access Control as a sub-menu under Settings and the categories under it.



You have to click on Assets to view the media assets. Once you click on Assets a side sub-menu would open where the media are categorized under Images, Files and Icons. You can also view all media assets at once by clicking on All.



You can preview your app, by navigating to the Overview page of the app.


By clicking on Preview here, you can run the app on the App Dashboard itself

By clicking on Preview in window, you will be redirected to a new Window where you can preview your app

By clicking on Copy Link, the preview link gets copied to your clip board, so you can share it among others or paste it on another tab or window to preview.

Or else, a preview button is displayed on the top bar, so you can easily preview your app from whatever the menu/tab you are in.