A State is the condition or status for a component such as a list, a view, a switch and so on, at a given time.

States can be stored in the app for later use, for instance to restore a view when a user returns to it.

States can be for example be used to validate a form, show a spinner when something is loading, update text based on an event, or filter a list while the user is typing, and much more.

To create a new state:

The available states are presented in a list, sortable by clicking a column’s title.


A unique identifier used internally in app.


The type of data stored.


Identifier for the item in the CMS.

Default Value

Standard value to use, unless it has been set in some other way.

To edit a state, click Update on the state’s row, and edit the fields.

  • Click Update when finished.

  • Click Delete on the state’s row, to delete it.