Remove user


Remove a User From Group handles removing a user from a group.

Once you have added the logic block to your app, you can click on it for the settings to appear.


And then you can edit the settings and do configurations to make the logic block do what you require. Refer the below grid so you can understand which data should be added to the mentioned text boxes to get the desired outputs.

Remove a User From Group configuration

Patch Name — The name of the patch. Change the name, for instance to reflect the patch’s content or function.

Select Group — Select the group to remove the user from. Groups are configured in the Groups view.

Inputs — Connections coming in to this patch.

Outputs — Connections going out from this patch.

Toast Messages — Short notifications to the user.

On Success — The message presented to the user on success.

On Success Accessibility Label — Interface Accessibility label.

On Success Accessibility Hint — Interface Accessibility hint. On Error — The message presented to the user on error. On Error Accessibility Label — Interface Accessibility label.