The view for creating the overall appearance of the app.

Styles affect colors, fonts, the appearance of views and menus, and so on.

An app can contain several interchangeable styles.


  • Click New in the top right corner, to create a new style. Give the style a name and a short description, click Create when finished to continue to the settings .

Currently Selected Style

The current style for the app. * Click Remove to deselect it as the current, it will however remain as an available style.

If no style is set as current, the default Appspotr style is selected.

Available Styles

Styles are presented in a list, sortable by name or description. * Click anywhere on an existing style’s row, to continue to the style editing view.

  • Click Select to select the style as the app’s current.

It is possible to Duplicate or to Delete a style by clicking the corresponding text on the style’s row.

When duplicating a style, give the style a new name and chose which app to duplicate it to.

  • Click Copy when finished.