Logic patches


Logic patches are used for manipulation and other behavior in the app.

Logic patch

Logic patch

App behavior and logic modules.

Logic patches are patches which provide various functions for your app related to working with logic, variables, states or data.

If you connect one or more logic patches together, they will automatically become a logic group.

Logic group

Logic group

Combined unit of logic blocks.

Logic groups are blocks consisting of multiple logic patches that work as small pieces of self-contained logic that create behavior in your app.

Logic groups are indicated by the logic group icon in patchwork. logic block

expand To view the contents of a logic block, you can click the expand icon in the top left corner. This will show the connected logic blocks and allow you to further configure them.

Logic groups are generated dynamically, so they may change as you add or remove connections.

Types of logic patches

Authentication patches lets you handle log in, log out and password events.

Navigation Logic patches manages navigation, such as conditional navigation logic or and provides information about users' login status or group memberships.

Native App patches use existing (native) functions on a device.

Data Refresh patches lets you update or reset the app.

User Management patches handle events related to app users.

Dataset management patches deal with dataset manipulation in the app.

Group patches deal with events related to user groups in the app.

Push Notification patches deal with Push Notifications from the app.

Notification handles the types of notifications that are sent to users

State patches saves and loads states in the app while it is being used.

Global storage patches handle data in app storage.

Logic blocks in the Variable group deal with manipulation of variables from the app interface.

Environment Variable Logic handles the globally accessible variables are called Environment Variables.

Data patches handle data manipulation, conversion, mathematical calculations and so on.

If you have created an integrations, the methods for that integration become available as patches.

Each method you create will become one patch.

Allows to manipulate date and create date queries

Allows to JSON manipulation and to add JSON values to a list and String

Allows to list manipulation, set conditions for a List, get length of the list and to search list.

Allows to use and manage Auth0 tokens

Allows to use and manage OAuth tokens