Data patches handle data manipulation, conversion, mathematical calculations and so on.

Available patches

Date Manipulation handles date manipulation.

Date Query handles date queries.

Get Date Unit gets information about the device’s date unit.

Parse Number handles parsing of numerical values, integers or floating.

Math handles mathematical calculations.

String Manipulation handles manipulation of strings.

String Conditional handles comparison of strings.

New Value handles comparison of lists.

JSON Values to List handles conversion of files in the JSON format to a list.

JSON Manipulation handles manipulation of files in the JSON format.

JSON To String handles conversion of files in the JSON format to string.

Converts a string to JSON

String To JSON handles conversion of strings to files in the JSON format.

Get List Length gets the length of a list from for instance, a list view.

List Shifting handles add and remove of items to lists.

List Manipulation handles manipulation of lists.

List Search handles search in lists.

List Conditional handles comparison of lists.

Device handles information about the current device.

An Encode/Decode patch handles encoding or decoding of data passed to it.