Getting Started

Learn about the key components and capabilities in the Appspotr platform.


Learn about different menus and how to connect them in the patchwork.

Log in Flow

Learn to build a login flow to an app.

Lists and Datasets

Learn about lists and datasets, and how to connect them in the patchwork.

Passing Data

Learn to pass data from a dataset to a view and how to connect them.

Types of View Design

Learn to create a view and how different components work. A deep dive in view design.


Learn how to use and implement storage in apps to support offline scenarios.

Dynamic Views

Learn how different components will change the view. Learn how to build with boolean and state.

Localisation and Translation

Learn to make the app available in different languages.

Custom Integrations

Learn about integrations, how to request data using Rest API and then showcase it in an app.


Learn to connect Zapier with Appspotr.

Custom Integrations - Bonus Video

A deeper dive into integrations. Learn how to fetch a single item from an API. Recommended to be watched after the Custom Integrations video.