Create and manage Groups of users.

Some groups are automatically created for a new app.
  • Create groups:

  • To create a new group, click Create New in the top right corner, to open the Create Group view.

  • Give the group a System name and a Name.

The latter will be visible in the list of groups.

  • Select the App the group is connected to.

  • Click Add Group when finished.

Groups are presented in a list, sortable by clicking any column’s title.

  • User Group — The name of the group.

The group also has a system name, not shown in the list.

  • App Name — The app the group is connected to.

  • Created Date — The date the group was created.

  • Hidden — Shows if the groups is hidden from usage, for instance in the patchwork or when creating list views.

  • Click Send Push to send a push message to the users in the group.

Working with groups