JavaScript Object Notation - JSON - is a language independent data-interchange format.

It aims to be easy for humans to read and write while maintaining a strict structure to enable simple machine parsing and creation.

More information is available at http://www.json.org/

== Syntax

JSON consists of objects, consisting of a key and a value.

Keys must be strings, written with double quotes: "

Values must be one of the following:

  • an other JSON object

  • a double-quoted value:

  • a string

  • a number

  • an array

  • a boolean

  • null

    == Example

    json {
    "Config": {
        "Version": "V5.5-F",
        "configurationEnabled": "false",
        "pmaPort": "26401",
        "pmaNetworkProtocol": "2",
        "pmaRequestTimeoutSeconds": "60",
        "useHttpProxy": "false",
        "httpProxyPort": "0"