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In this guide we’ll discuss how you can turn your app which you created from the scratch or from a template into an app template.

App template

An app made available to an organization as an model, example, guide or pattern to follow.

When you make an app available as a template, you are letting other people in your organization use it to make their own apps, based on the design, patchwork and data in the original app.

Making an app a template is a property of the app itself. If you delete the app, the template will also disappear. The apps created from the template will remain, though.

Open Appspotr CMS and your Organization Find your app that you want to make into a template and click on the Make template button


Fill in the Template Details according to your requirement

Template Type: You can select from Solution Template, Concept Template or Function Template.

Category - You can select from a list of categories (global and custom) and pick the category which is most suitable for the template.

App data - Check the checkbox here if you want to include data in apps created from this template

Media Assets - Add images and a video that visually represent the template

Summary - Create a short description about the template so the future users can easily understand the functions and features of the app template.

Description - Further details about the app for understanding for the future template users

Website / User guide (optional) - Add an external link that contains additional details/resources

Template Tag(s) - Tags help users easily search for your template, add tags relevant to your app. You can add up to 6 tags. Each tag can contain up to 10 characters.


Here in Template Sharing, if you pick global the template will be shared among all Appspotr CMS users, and if you pick Organization(s), you can pick the organization/s that can use the template.

Fill the Preview details


Fill in the personalisation details



Publish the template

Here you will be able to view all the details that you added