Top bar


Color — The color used for the top bar.

  • Click Enable Gradient to add a second color and a transition between the two. Use the slider to select the position of the transition.

Background Image — Add a background image to the top bar. Select if the image should be centered, repeated, stretched, and so on.

  • Click Clear to remove the image.

Combine the background image with a background color if Enable Gradient is selected.

Drawer Button

Icon — The button’s icon.

Color — The button’s foreground color.

Background Color — The button’s background color.

Left Border Color — The button’s left border color.

Left Border Width — The button’s left border thickness.

Right Border Color — The button’s right border color.

Right Border Width — The button’s right border thickness.

Top Border Color — The button’s top border color.

Top Border Width — The button’s top border thickness.

Bottom Border Color — The button’s bottom border color.

Bottom Border Width — The button’s bottom border thickness.

Border Style — The button’s border style. Set the line’s appearance (pattern) and the amount the corners should be rounded.

Back button — See Drawer Button above.

Previous button — See Drawer Button above.

Next button — See Drawer Button above.

Sort button — See Drawer Button above.

Context button — See Drawer Button above.

Add button — See Drawer Button above.

Carousel Default Indicator — Set the default indicator for the top bar carousel.

Carousel Selected Indicator — Set the indicator for the top bar carousel, when it is selected.