List view



The list view shows the available apps as a list, showing basic information, and an opotion for letting you select them.

List View

In List View, the following information is available:

App Name

The name of the app.

The name can be changed in the App Editor.


The organization the app belongs to.

Play Store

Shows if the app is available for Android devices on Google Play.

App Store

Shows if the app is available for iOS devices on App Store.


Shows if the app is available as a progressive web application.

App Update

Indicates if the app is updated, or if an update is pending.

Date Created

The date when the app was first created.

  • Click on the name of the Organization in the list, to open a view with information regarding the apps belonging to that organization.

To open an app for editing in List View, click the app’s name to continue to the App Editor view.

  • Click Make Template to create a template for later use. This is very useful if you plan to create more similar apps.

Search apps by name or creation date, and to sort the list, ascending or descending, by clicking any column’s title.